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What do YOU Wish for in 2019?

It’s the time of year when we often hear, “Best Wishes for 2019.” It sounds really nice and desirable. Yet, what does this phrase really mean? And, what do you actually wish for in the coming year?

I think it’s a good question to reflect on from time to time. Ask yourself: What do I wish for, for myself and for my family?

Others may not wish for us what we’d most want. Usually not malicious, just different. What you want over this next year is unique to you. Only you can articulate that. So…

What do you wish for your child(ren)? 

Peace, happiness, self-sufficiency, to feel cared for, to stand up to others, to grow and develop in certain ways? Something else?

For me, I want my kids to look to themselves (and not to anything or anyone else) to know and create what makes them most happy.

What do you wish for yourself as a parent?

To feel confident, to know you’re surrounded by the resources you need, peace, proud moments, to build your skills in a certain area, to feel great about your parenting choices? Something else?

For me, I want to feel present with my kids and create some awesome memories.

When you identify what you wish for, then the next time someone says, “Best Wishes!,” you can envision your unique wishes coming true!

Best wishes for 2019!

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