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Leading and Loving Your Kids Well

Parenting is an awesome responsibility, opportunity and challenge. Parenting requires a variety of skills and intentions as our children develop through many different phases.mother leading

Most of us hope to have a deep and growing relationship with our children as they move through the phases of life and become who they are meant to be, but how?

Authentic Leadership.

Like leading a business or building a team, parenting requires authentic leadership that creates a place of trust, values and passionate risks – probably even more so.

I’ve described the importance of authentic leadership this way,

“Why should you care about being an authentic leader? Quite frankly because others trust and follow authentic leaders. And, more notably, they follow these leaders for the long-haul and to achieve audacious results. Authentic leaders are seen as reliable, trustworthy and genuine individuals. Because they know themselves well and are clear about their values and passions, their words match up with their actions and with their facial expressions and body language. We see and sense the alignment in them. They mean what they say, their passion comes through over time telling us a story, and if we like the story, we want to be a part of it! Authentic leaders generate followership.”

As we seek to encourage our children to grow with us and each other, here are some ways we can lead well. Keep Reading.

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