Loving the Pregnant You – Pregnancy Book

Loving the Pregnant You is a pregnancy book for women who are thoughtfully creating their pregnancies.

Simply the best pregnancy book on the market! The book shares stories from a variety of women with different circumstances, and their approaches to pregnancy, to help readers find inspiration and ideas that will uniquely work for them.

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Here’s what people are saying about the Loving the Pregnant You book 

“Loving the Pregnant You is a great, easy readincredibly informative and well-written, to boot. Amy Riley quickly gets at the heart of what a pregnant woman experiences. Her book totally resonates right now.~ Jill Salzman, Founder of The Founding Moms, Speaker and Mom Since ’07

“Amy Riley in Loving the Pregnant You does a particularly great job of sharing the perspectives of different mothers as they prepare for and go through their birthing experiences. The idea of being well informed and making sound choices is clearly illustrated, and also Riley writes: ‘…sometimes you need to keep your eye on the bigger picture and be prepared to go with the flow.’ Riley strikes the right balance with her advice. Additionally, I love how the author included ‘Check In’ points in the book to give each reader specifics to think about to help her make her birth experience a positive one. I recommend this book to all of my HypnoBirthing and birth doula clients.  ~ Robin Ross, Certified Birth Doula, Certified HypnoBirthing Instructor, Trained Lactation Educator, Founding Partner of Bellies to Babies, and Mom of 3

“Amy has lovingly and powerfully created a wonderful tool to support any pregnant woman to go through pregnancy with her eyes wide open and her heart filled with appreciation.” ~Melissa G Wilson, book publisher, marketer, coach, and fifteen-time author


“In ‘Loving the Pregnant You,’ author Amy L. Riley has explored the many and varied experiences and feelings one goes through during pregnancy. In an open, accepting, and non-judgmental way, Amy provides thought-provoking options for experiencing your pregnancy, your way, while feeling really good about your choices. While I am happy with the many choices I made during my pregnancy, I wish this book was around when I started my pregnancy journey. The many options Amy offers through the journeys of the women in the book would have opened my mind and heart even more to the beautiful possibilities that exist to create your ideal pregnancy.” ~Jill Hope, Founder of I Shine and a Mom

“I really enjoyed reading the book! Even though it’s been many, many, many years since I was pregnant, I could certainly identify with the stories and advice. And honestly, even though I’m not pregnant, you had some very good advice that I’m going to apply to my life right now — like taking time for myself, asking for what I need, and not layering negative feelings on top of each other. That last one is a biggie for me!” ~Barbara Chandler, Teacher, Writer, Mom, and Grandmother

This book will help you answer the questions:  How can I enjoy my pregnancy as much as possible? How can I deal with any issues that come up in the most personally empowering way? How can I discover and stay true to the choices that I want to make during my pregnancy? How can I identify and be the person I most want to be while expecting? How can I work around or avoid any issues that will negate the miracle that pregnancy and childbirth are? How can I stay present to the miracle?

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