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From preconception to the third-trimester, Amy has pregnancy coaching and pregnancy resources that encourage abundant living.

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Amy’s mission as a pregnancy coach is to help you thrive. You don’t have to dim your light, sacrifice what you love, lose your quality of life or pass negative energy to your future creations, our children and our world. But first, you have to have the right information and expert guidance…

Affordable Pregnancy Resources – Which One Will You Choose?

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Loving the Pregnant You


The resource that started it all is available as an eBook or paperback guide

For: Preconception to Birth

Loving the Pregnant You
Companion Journal

book 2

Enjoy more space to write, reflect, brainstorm, cross out and create after reading

For: Preconception to Birth

Loving the Pregnant You
Blank Pregnancy Journal

book 3

Document the journey from start to finish; pairs well with coaching sessions

For: Conception to Birth