Loving the Pregnant You Signature Sessions

Pregnancy is supposed to be a special, wonderful, miraculous time. What if it’s not feeling that way?

What if you’re not feeling as confident as you’d like? What if you’re finding pregnancy to be more challenging that you had expected? What if you want to make this a special time, yet it just isn’t so far?

Pregnancy is a finite period of time. It can feel like we’ve got to make the BEST of it and the MOST of it. And…if we’re not, we can feel like we’re failing.

Are you ready to discover your own unique powerful way to be pregnant? Are you ready to deal with challenges in an empowering way? Nourish yourself? Feel like you’re making great decisions? Create YOUR unique pregnancy experience?

You can!

Loving the Pregnant You Signature Sessions are designed to help you unapologetically make the choices that best work for you and allow you to release pressures you feel.

You will learn techniques that enable you to continually discover and create your unique way so that no matter what’s happening on any given day, you love the pregnant you.

I’m a Pregnancy Coach who has personally experienced the shift from feeling like I was
failing at pregnancy to feeling empowered and proud of how I was being as a pregnant woman.

I’ve gone from not having a clue how to proceed to knowing I was making the best choices for ME.

And, I’ve observed and coached other expectant moms to do the same.

With pregnancy coaching, you’ll…
• Discover your own way of accepting and stepping into the role of mother
• Powerfully deal with any challenges that come up
• Ask for support and audaciously nourish yourself
• Effectively process thoughts and emotions
• Stay present to the miracle
• Thoughtfully create your unique pregnancy


Feedback from some moms I’ve worked with:

“One of the things that makes Amy Riley such an exceptional coach is her superb ability to listen.
The kind of listening that leaves you feeling as if you have truly been heard. When someone listens
to you that well, suddenly your mind is filled with solutions that were not possible before the
hearing happened…” – Debi K., Mom, Children’s Book Author, Life Coach

“What I most appreciate about Amy as a coach is the way her coaching process flows so naturally.
She listens intently, asks important questions, and dives into her big bag of tools and concepts WITH
me, transparently offering herself and her life experience in service of my learning.”
– Anne R., Aspiring Mommy

For the next 3, 6, or 9 months I will be your pregnancy coach and ensure that you LOVE the pregnant you.

With a Loving the Pregnant You Signature Sessions package, you get:

• A conception session that helps you expand your understanding of what you want your pregnancy experience to be. (Valued at $400)

We explore how you tend to approach new experiences, what you value, what you’re concerned about, what you’re excited about, and how you want to be coached. We use this time to co-design the coaching relationship. The conception session is either conducted on the phone or in person, depending on logistics and preference.

• Two 45-minute telephone calls – called signature support sessions – in each of the remaining months. (Valued between $660 and $2,640, depending on the duration of your coaching package)

Signature support sessions are designed to do just that: support you in whatever questions or challenges you are facing at that time. Support sessions will provide you with ideas and inspiration that you can act on right away. Coaching sessions take place over the phone at a time convenient for you.


Pick the Loving the Pregnant You Signature Sessions Package that works for you:


Loving the Pregnant You Signature Sessions are designed to help you audaciously and unapologetically make the pregnancy choices that best work for you.


Curious about what coaching is like and if it could be right for you? Experience pregnancy coaching with a 45-minute Free Sample Coaching Session.

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Dealing with an issue that needs to be addressed right now? Mommy Support Coaching designed to help you examine a particular concern or question you’re currently dealing with in your pregnancy to bring clarity, relief, or new ideas to the situation.

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