MMR October 2014


When you’re expecting, new questions and concerns flood your mind and heart every day. There are many who are willing to give you unsolicited advice. And, there’s just a LOT of pregnancy-related information out there.

It can be overwhelming! How are you going to it weed through it all and get your specific questions answered?

We can help! We are 8 experienced professionals who support expectant moms with various aspects of pregnancy and parenting. We have come together to create the Mommies Made Ready! Pregnancy Video Series for you!


It’s just $67!

Get expert advice in over 20 topic areas including nursery must-haves, dealing with unsolicited advice, healthy eating on a budget, preparing for birth, mommy brain, and coaching on how to do pregnancy your way.

All this advice (and more!) will be stored in one easy-to-access webpage – a webpage you’ll have access to for the rest of your pregnancy (until the end of June, 2015). You can view the videos as often as you’d like, as many times as you’d like (in any order that you’d like)!

You’ll also get valuable giveaways. All for just $67.

The Mommies Made Ready! Pregnancy Video Series will get you access to a series of 3 short (easy-to-take-in) videos from each of the experts (24 in total). The videos will be packed with ideas, inspiration, and experience-based advice allowing you to…

implement what best resonates with your desires for pregnancy

make the most of this precious time

step into parenthood empowered and confident!



mmr-image1Amy Riley founded Loving the Pregnant You to provide pregnancy coaching and other services to help you discover and make the choices that best work for you…so, no matter what happens on a given day, you can love the pregnant you!

Amy’s video series will provide you with powerful coaching so that you can set aside the pressure and onslaught of advice so you can avoid the perfection trap many moms experience, process any concerns or persistent questions in an empowering way, and audaciously nourish yourself guilt-free.mmr-logo1

mmr-image8Patricia Friberg has been a prenatal and postnatal fitness instructor teaching a variety of formats for over 15 years, including Pilates, Spinning, Kickboxing, Step, BOSU, Body Pump, Circuit, Outdoor Boot Camp, and Yoga. She also has over a decade of experience as a mental health counselor.In her videos Patricia will show you exercises that strengthen the areas that are affected by postural changes to the body during pregnancy. She will also demonstrate how to prepare your body for newborn care.Patricia Friberg
mmr-image4Nichi Hirsch Kuechle of My Healthy Beginning has a mission. Her mission is to support mamas from preconception through parenthood by Creating Wellness One Family at a Time. She makes eating health encouraging families to live a healthy and inspired life as the creator of the Cheap Easy Healthy Eating System.

In her Mommies Made Ready! videos Nichi will forward her mission by sharing easy-to-implement tips on eating healthy and keeping the grocery bill low.mmr-logo4

mmr-image7Shauna Brandes is a birth doula and prenatal coach, lactation educator counselor, and restorative yoga teacher. Shauna has great pride for being a freedom fighter, presence persister, growth junkie, connector, radiator, releaser, and catalyst and laces these into her work with growing families.
In her video series, Shauna will provide prenatal coaching from a birth doula perspective, sharing about effectively using Relaxation, Rhythm, and Ritual in your delivery process.
mmr-image2Eirene Heidelberger is a certified parent coach and the President and CEO of GIT Mom, a full service parent coaching firm dedicated to helping Moms get it together so that they have more time to do the activities they most enjoy, while also giving their children the kind of parenting they need! GIT Mom will show you how to get it together and have more “you” time.

In her video series, Eirene will share with you the key items your nursery needs and why, what to expect in the hospital, and supportive week-by-week tools that will help you ease into motherhood.mmr-logo2

mmr-image3Jeanie Bussell is a licensed acupuncturist whose passion is in holistic women’s health. Jeanie helps women ease through all aspects of life transitions including fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond, integrating her skills in acupuncture, herbal remedies, traditional Asian dietary therapy and gentle life-style recommendation.

In Jeanie’s videos, she will teach you how you can apply simple acupressure technique and complementary therapies to relieve many pregnancy related discomforts and also give you empowering perspective on postpartum. mmr-logo3

saraDr. Sarah Keuss of Diversey Health Center is a prenatal and pediatric chiropractic physician. Diversey Health Center is committed to the health and wellness of its community. Dr. Keuss’s love and passion for children has led her to specialize in holistic healing for babies and children. She holds the distinction of Webster Certified Chiropractor, a specific technique to care for pregnant women.

In her videos, Sarah will discuss holistic approaches to raising your baby. She will cover how to prevent – and naturally treat – common infant and childhood ailments such as colic, difficulty sleeping, abnormal crying patterns, prevention of ear infections, ADHD, etc

mmr-image6Sherrie All, PhD founded the Chicago Center for Cognitive Wellness, a pioneering neuropsychology and psychology practice committed to the evidence-based belief that the adult brain can continue to grow and change in positive ways. She and her associates support clients holistically as they work toward goals of improved thinking and wellbeing. The center offers neuropsychological assessment, cognitive rehabilitation, psychotherapy and cognitive wellness coaching.

Sherrie’s videos will normalize the experiences typically associated with pregnancy brain, help you understand and have self-compassion for “mommy brain,” and teach you how to create a cognitive reserve of brain cells for both you and your child that will contribute to improved thinking and wellbeing now and in the future.mmr-logo6


  • preparing for the first few weeks at home with a newborn
  • handling your concerns in an effective and empowering way
  • nourishing yourself with the best foods without breaking the bank
  • learning what type of exercise will best prepare you for labor and delivery
  • taking care of yourself physically and mentally and emotionally



Purchase today and on October 1 we’ll send you a link to the single webpage that will house ALL the expert advice. The Mommies Made Ready! Pregnancy Video Series page won’t expire until the end of June, 2015.

Then we have the giveaways!

You’ll then receive – via email – the details on how you can get these valuable giveaways. No additional charge.

Nichi-giveaway-graphicYour New Parent Toolkit and How to Raise a Healthy Child ebook

This ebook contains 12 Pregnancy Health Maximizing Tips, 10 Tips to a Healthy, Happy Newborn, Sibling Inclusion Ideas, Recommended Gadgets and Baby Care Products, Delicious and Nutritious Smoothie Recipes, Solutions for Busy Moms, Easy Lunch Ideas, At Home Projects, Bonus Snack Ideas, AND, a How to Get Your Kids Off Sugar Chart!


6 Keys to Loving the Pregnant You Email Coaching Program

A 6-week email coaching program to unlock the confident and empowered pregnant you! Each week, a different “key” is explored and you’ll get ideas, inspiration, and real-world stories from Pregnancy Coach, Amy L. Riley.


Targeted Coaching Session with GIT Mom

A 15-minute phone call with GIT Mom. Simply email Eirene your 5 top parenting struggles and she will coach you over the phone or by skype. No issue is too small or big to tackle.


A Guided Meditation specifically for Expectant Moms

A guided meditation, created by birth doula and prenatal coach Shauna Brandes, that will facilitate body awareness, connection with your baby, and deep relaxation.


Targeted Brain Health Coaching Session with Dr. All

A 30-minute phone call with Dr. All addressing your brain health concerns such as, “Do I need brain games?,” “What are my chances of getting dementia?,” “Am I killing off my brain cells?” Simply email Dr. All your top 5 brain health questions and she will coach you over the phone.

Jeanie-giveaway-graphicComplimentary first time acupuncture consult and 20% off a treatment

A 30-minute consultation, over the phone or in person (in Chicago), regarding acupuncture or any questions/concerns/directions you have in regards to addressing ailments holistically. Additionally, for those in Chicago, a 20% discount on first time acupunture treatments.

CocoonCare GiveawayTwo Free Classes at CocoonCare

(In Chicago) Enjoy two free classes at CocoonCare, Chicago’s original fitness and wellness center specifically catered to pregnant women and moms. You can choose from 15 different classes including: Body Toning Pre/Post-natal, Postnatal Body Sculpt, The Final Push – 3rd Trimester (Yoga + Cardio), Coretastic Pre/Post-natal, Barre Pre/Post-natal, Baby on Board Stroller Workout, Yoga Sculpt Pre/Post-natal, Child’Space Cognitive Development (Birth – Walking), and others.

sarah-giveaway-graphicComplete Pregnancy Guide to Wellness

(In Chicago) Hands-on assessment for pregnant women conducted by Dr. Sarah Keuss – prenatal chiropractor – which would include nutritional/dietary needs; postural/structural assessment for low back, pelvis, and hip flexors; exercises/stretches to support or strengthen weaken areas found in the assessment and numerous other tips to make this the best pregnancy ever!

Healthy Moms logoGuide to Prenatal Strength on the Fitness Ball

A guide with selected prenatal strengthening and stretching exercises from Healthy Moms®’ “Healthy Moms on the Ball” program. A simple and effective way to reduce your chances of having back pain in late pregnancy, get strong for labor, firm your abdominal muscles, and increase your core stability.

Jasmine Giveaway GraphicGuide to Healthy Snacking for Expecting and Postpartum Moms

A guide from Healthy Jasmine outlining 15 Healthy Snacks for expecting and postpartum moms, healthy snack tips, guidance on how to read a snack label, and a bonus section on Toddler Snack Solutions!

Can you believe it? All those amazing giveaways are included in your Mommies Made Ready! Pregnancy Video Series purchase!

P.S. Remember that pregnancy is a common occurrence. (Billions of us on the planet are all a result of a pregnancy…) And, there is a lot of information out there and a lot of advice that you’ll get.

Let the Mommies Made Ready! Pregnancy Video Series get you the information that you need all housed in one place where you can access it privately and at your convenience.