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Amy’s Bio

As an author and coach, Amy will work with your organization to customize her presentation so it is highly relevant and engaging, enabling the attendees to walk away with tangible, actionable ideas.

Amy’s Topics

Amy’s topics include:

  • 5 Ways to Love the Pregnant You
  • How to feel confident, empowered and strong during pregnancy
  • How to NOT be the crazy hormonal pregnant lady! And, instead be a calm, rationale, in control, making-good-decisions kind of pregnant gal
  • How to NOT lose yourself and your identity while you’re pregnant: Find ways to pursue your passions, remain an individual, AND be a great mom
  • You were busy before you got pregnant, how to have the time to also be a great Mom!
  • My body is not my own! How to embrace your ever-changing pregnant body.
  • Dealing graciously with others advice and reactions
  • Feeling vulnerable and out of control and how to get back to feeling empowered and strong

Amy’s Upcoming Speaking Engagements

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