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My mom doesn’t want your pregnancy advice!

pregnancy adviceI’m picturing this shirt on a nice big pregnant belly! Every mom I know got some sort of pregnancy advice that they didn’t appreciate. What’s up with that?

Somehow people can feel an amazing freedom to say whatever they like to pregnant women. They provide unsolicited advice and say whatever occurs to them with no “filtering.” And often, this is not at all helpful!

Here are examples of the not-so-helpful advice expectant moms get. And I’m sure you can add to the list!

Not-so-helpful pregnancy advice:

Total stranger at a coffee shop: “No, you can’t use sugar substitute. Don’t do that!”

To an expectant mother of twins: “Wow, you’re so small. Are you sure the babies are okay?”

To a woman keeping down only one meal a day due to nausea: “You should eat more.”

“Wow, are you getting big!” (This is said all too frequently!)

From a stranger at a business networking event: “I’m an intuitive and I’m picking up a bad vibe. When is your next doctor’s appointment? It’s not life threatening, but something is going on with the baby.” (This was said to me and her words and audacity really threw me for a loop! It took some intentional processing to set this one aside.)

“That’s the last place I’d choose to deliver a baby.”

What is it about a pregnant belly that gives people free license to let their opinions be known? I imagine some are just trying to make conversation. Some are not being thoughtful or helpful. Others I do believe are well-intentioned – they honestly want to help – and are just not getting that their experience and ideas may not resonate with or work for the other person.

Regardless, what there is to know is this: Whatever crazy thing they say… their words say more about them than you. Their pieces of pregnancy advice reflect their thoughts and potential insecurities. They need not be yours.

What kind of unsolicited advice have you received? How have you dealt with the advice you’ve received?

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