Get to Know Amy L. Riley, MSTD, CPBA

Amy L. Riley is a Chicago author, behavioral analyst, pregnancy coach and mommy to McKenzie, a smart and inquisitive 7-year-old, and Jake, an expressive and loving 5-year-old. She found her calling in helping people create lives that they love. Amy’s desire for all expectant mothers is that they feel empowered and creative during their pregnancies, without being trapped inside any of the circumstances that may come up during this important and emotional time.

Where did you find the inspiration to write your first book, “Loving the Pregnant You”?

From my clients! I’m a compassionate listener who works to understand exactly what my clients are thinking and feeling. Their stories are documented in this book to show all women that they have resources and power within themselves to achieve all that they desire. My goal is for women to get inspired by reading the real-life stories of women pushing boundaries (and themselves) to create ideal outcomes!

What was your pregnancy experience like?

Eight years ago, I began contemplating the idea of becoming pregnant, and I realized that I had some pretty cynical thoughts and feelings about pregnancy. I kept thinking, “You get big, your ankles swell, your body is out of your control, and you can get special diseases! This doesn’t seem fun.”

I realized that if I didn’t change my outlook, I was simply going to “get through” a couple of pregnant years of my life, and I wasn’t committed to living that way!

What sparked this change for you? 

Having been a leadership and life coach for more than 10 years, my job was, and is, to coach people from all walks of life to create lives they wanted (at home and in business) by leveraging their strengths and shifting limiting mindsets. I realized that it was time to practice what I preached, and apply the same concepts I’d been sharing to my own pregnancy experience.

Were you successful?

Yes, I was! It was not a “bump-less” journey by any means, but I went on to truly love being pregnant. And, I’ve inspired other mommies-to-be by my own mindset change! I really enjoy combining my personal development coaching and behavioral analyst background to the topic of pregnancy, in order to support expectant moms to discover how to be their best pregnant selves.

About the Expert

Amy is the founder and president of Shoop Consulting Group, Inc., a Program Coach for Tiara: Exceptional Women’s Coaching, an Executive Coach for Robinson Resource Group, the VP of Learning and Development for Optimal Level, and most recently the founder of Loving the Pregnant You.

Amy earned a Masters of Science in Training and Development (MSTD), with an emphasis in Organization Development (OD), from Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois. She is a graduate of the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD)’s Human Resource Development (HRD) Institute and a certified Development Dimensions International (DDI) Facilitator. She has earned a certificate in Using the Internet in Corporate Training from Jones International University.

Amy is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA), qualified to administer the DISC Personal Profile Tool. Amy is a trained Best Year Yet® Program Leader and Coach, qualified to use this proven, results-producing methodology to coach individuals and facilitate team strategy planning and execution.

A strong believer in the practical application of the Law of Attraction, Amy also engages in personal development training through Landmark Education.

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Frequently Asked Question:

I am afraid to get pregnant because I have heard so many shocking stories. How do I get out of this mindset?

I highly recommend participating in “6 Keys to Loving the Pregnant You”. This is a brief, but very informative program that does not require you to take any additional time out from your busy life – just check your email! For six consecutive weeks, you will receive a “key” via email from Pregnancy Coach, Amy Riley. The purpose of this program is to inspire you that you CAN enjoy your pregnancy without fear of the multitude of concerning information you may have heard.

To learn more about Amy’s additional coaching programs, please visit the Pregnancy Coaching section!