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What is pregnancy coaching? and how you can get some…

Pregnancy coaching follows the same basic model as life coaching, in which a coach works with clients to help them clarify and achieve their personal desires. In pregnancy coaching, we place a particular focus on the questions, concerns, and desires that are coming up because you are pregnant and a new mom to your unborn baby.

Pregnancy coaching supports you to discover your unique way to be pregnant and to audaciously and unapologetically make the choices you actually want to make – even if they fly in the face of others’ expectations, your initial notions, or traditional views.

As a pregnancy coach, I help you love the pregnant you. I want you to feel great and really proud about the choices you’re making and how you’re being as a pregnant person.

And…I’d love for you to get some pregnancy coaching. Each and every one of you! Well, at least, those of you reading this who are indeed pregnant…

Many coaches, like myself, offer coaching packages that include just a few coaching calls (Immediate Support Coaching) and also monthly coaching packages that represent a longer coaching relationship (Loving the Pregnant You Coaching). And many, additionally, offer a sample or consultative session to give you a feel for coaching and their particular approach (Sample Coaching Session).

If it doesn’t currently feel right to invest your time and effort in a formal pregnancy coaching relationship with someone like me, then explore how you can work pregnancy coaching-type inquiries, conversations, and insights into your days. Try some of the following:

  • As you read pregnancy books or online resources, continue to ask yourself: What resonates with me? What doesn’t? And let yourself only take in or take on what truly resonates with you.
  • Pull out a piece of paper or a journal and ask yourself: What’s going really well? What’s working for me? How can I keep this momentum going?
  • Have conversations with the people in your life who are really interested in knowing how the different aspects of your pregnancy are going. Ask them to ask you about your thoughts, reactions, and preferences. You can tell them that it helps you affirm the decisions you’ve already made and prepares you for the choices you have yet to make.

Part of what makes pregnancy coaching effective is the time you take to reflect; the process of describing your experiences, preferences, thoughts, and feelings; and you taking in and following only the information and advice that resonates for you. You can find ways to experience these aspects of pregnancy coaching on a daily basis.

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