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1 step forward and 3 steps back? Trust yourself.

Set backs happen. Sometimes they happen when we feel the least equipped to handle them.

learningcurveOften in the leadership training that I facilitate (along with being a Pregnancy Coach, I’m also a Training and Development Consulting and Business Coach), I share about the learning curve.

Ah, the learning curve!

I seem to more easily remember the learning curve and its implications when I’m considering how I’m learning a new work-related skill. I readily understand that I’m not going to immediately work super quickly with my new computer operating system or that, of course, it’s going to take me a while to get comfortable speaking about the nuances of the new assessment tool I’ve started using with clients.

When it comes to other aspects of life – and especially in the role of a parent – my knowledge and understanding of this curve seems to frequently fly out the door! (And I see this happening with the parents I work with!)

I forget that it’s normal and natural – when supporting and encouraging your son to stop sucking his thumb, for example – that both he AND HIS PARENTS will take a dip on the learning curve. I experience a set back and suddenly feel like I have NO IDEA what I’m doing! I’ve obviously been taking the wrong approach, I’m pushing my son to do something he’s not ready to do, I must not know my kid at all and I don’t know how to work effectively with him.

Whoa! Extreme doubts setting in! Have you been there?

It’s time to remember the learning curve and/or step back and see the bigger picture. When stepping into something new – anything new – we can expect a dip in effectiveness before we experience an improvement in effectiveness. And, with that dip in effectiveness, often come the doubts. And that’s what tends to really get us as parents.

So, I’m reminding myself: There were multiple reasons why we starting down the let’s-stop-sucking-the-thumb path. We felt our son was ready. He showed us signs that he was. We got some great initial traction.

And now we’re experiencing a set back. It’s time to remember the learning curve. It’s time to take a bigger picture look. It’s time to trust. Trust myself. Trust my son. Trust my husband. Trust myself (that one was worth repeating!)

How about for you? Where are you currently experiencing a set back? How can you bring “trust” to the situation?

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