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Thank you for sharing!

thank you for sharingMoms are so great at sharing! I’ve been at 2 events lately – a Mom + Baby event for trying, expecting and new moms and the NPN expectant moms mingle – asking questions and encouraging moms to share the ups and downs of pregnancy and parenting, and I’m NEVER worried that no one will say anything!

I think it’s such a gift to share…

When I was reading from the Loving the Pregnant You book at the NPN event, I got really present – once again – to the generosity and graciousness of the women I interviewed for that book. They shared so vulnerably and have offered up their experiences to help others, with nothing in return other than my profuse thanks and the knowing that they’ve contributed to other moms.

To all you moms who share your stories – good, bad, neutral – so that others might get ideas, inspiration, and clarity on how they want to proceed. It’s a great gift!!

Here’s the excerpt from the book with my Thanks to all the moms who took the time, energy and thoughtfulness to conduct an interview… and if you’re a mom who shares your experiences to benefit others, these thanks go out to you too!

Acknowledgements to the women I interviewed

Of course this book would not be possible without all the women who told me their pregnancy and childbirth stories!

A very special “Thank you!” goes out to all the moms who generously gave of their time and themselves to tell me their pregnancy and childbirth experiences for this book. I am so inspired by each of you who opened up the storybooks of your life and shared authentically about what you thought and felt and experienced during pregnancy. You shared both your successes and your struggles, and I appreciate your graciousness in that.

It was an honor to be a witness to your journeys, to hear a first-hand account of what worked and inspired you and conversely concerned and dismayed you. It was so moving and motivating. You shared the “whole” story, and readers will see what it looks and feels like when a woman does it her way.

You’re amazing. You’ve given the readers of this book the gift of your experience. Thank you so much.

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