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How to have a good pregnancy? Do pregnancy YOUR way

how to have a good pregnancyDo you want to know how to have a good pregnancy?

You’ve heard some complaints about pregnancy, I’m sure. You’ve maybe even heard some horrific horror stories.

You know pregnancy is not always all “sunshine and roses,” yet you’d like it be. Couldn’t it mostly be that way for you? Why couldn’t it be? You tell yourself it’s not realistic, and yet you want your story to be different…

You want to “rock pregnancy!” You want to be the one who doesn’t have swollen ankles and who has energy, who makes great choices along the way, and delivers a healthy baby just before the delivery date with an amazingly short labor!

How do you set yourself up to be this expectant mom? How do you give yourself the best shot at side stepping the horror stories and stepping into pregnancy empowered, confident, and happy to be knocked up?!?

How to have a good pregnancy?

An empowering approach is to figure out how you can “do” pregnancy your way. A key to this is to look for what resonates for you. And let all the rest go. You want to…

…leverage your strengths

…tune into how you want to be as a pregnant person

…pursue the ideas and options that are aligned with your values.

When you get information or advice – it’s just that information or advice. You get to decide if it’s information FOR you or not. You have the opportunity to pause and say what’s best for you. I acknowledge that this sounds simple, yet can take some doing to strip away the layers of “shoulds” that get built up.

Acknowledge where you’re at right now:

  • How are you doing pregnancy YOUR way? What choices are you making that are uniquely working for you?
  • Where are you doing something you feel you SHOULD do? That’s not actually ideal for you. What, instead, would be the IDEAL choice for you?

A “good” pregnancy happens on YOUR terms.

Did you find the perspectives in this blog valuable? Did you find the inquiries helpful?

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