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Kids bringing the happy


It’s easy to talk about the chaos and the “busy” of the holidays and get caught up in the stress and pressure of the season. Many talk about how crazy and out of control this month can be. Too many people I know – including myself – will be celebrating holidays without a close loved one who passed on sometime during this year.

Even when everyone around us is singing the stressed out “busy” tune, we can choose to shift our focus away from crazy and chaos to appreciation and enjoyment and HAPPY. You know who can help? Our kids.

Yes, there are certainly moments when my grate on my last nerve :-). AND, there are times when they bring their wonderful kid energy at just the right time and in just the right way.

For example…

Bringing the happy

We were driving home the other day in traffic, coming back from the funeral of that loved one and were in a bit of a tired haze when my son Jake all of a sudden exclaims, “I just realized something weird about my life! I haven’t burped this week at all and probably not the week before either!”

Ah, nothing like an exuberant 6-year-old to lighten the mood! It was perfect. It was just the infusion of energy we needed in that moment. My son’s outburst positively shifted the mood of everyone in the car.

This holiday season let’s be on the lookout for the lightness, exuberance, awe, purity and magic that kids can bring!

And spread that joy around: When have your kids brought the happy in the most perfect way?

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