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Honoring each others’ choices

I talk about it a lot: the pressure we can feel from others, from “society,” from the statistics and articles we read, and from ourselves to make all the most appropriate choices during our pregnancies. We feel pressure about doing pregnancy the right way.

This pressure is actually why I have a job. It’s why I’m here expounding about how it’s important for each woman to swipe away the perceived pressure and discover her unique way of approaching pregnancy.

And…I wish we didn’t have this pressure! I wish we didn’t feel it. I wish we could all honor each others’ choices and empower each expectant mom to find her way – whatever that “way” looked like.

At the same time, I understand why the pressure exists. Pregnancy is an important time. It’s a miraculous, complex endeavor. People should have information and opinions about it. We should do studies and conduct research. There should be a lot of resources out there about pregnancy. And…all this information should be in support of each expectant mom discovering what best resonates for her.

So, how do we get there? For you individally, how do you release the pressure and enable others to honor your choices?

I think the answer is this: By feeling fully peaceful and grounded about your choices. By doing whatever you need to do to know without a doubt that you are approaching pregnancy in the best possible way for YOU.

It’s when we doubt ourselves that we are most likely to start to search for holes in others’ choices.

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