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Feeling revered

Molly shared with me how she felt revered as a pregnant woman. I love how she remembers and appreciates that feeling. Molly says that she could feel people sending her, sharing with her, positive energy. People offered her a seat on the bus, helped with her groceries – she didn’t always accept, and she felt blessed by the generous kindness of those around her.

There’s something about a pregnant woman that causes people to connect with her as a human. Women tell me how amazed they are about how strangers will launch a conversation with them, ask about the due date, tell them about how many kids they have or how their daughter is currently expecting. Or you’re walking down the street and the young couple carrying a baby who passes you just grins at you like a couple of goof balls. It’s a nice divergence from the way we people are often with each other: treating each other as objects – someone who’s going to get to your train seat before you do! There are many people out there who feel drawn to pregnant women and the miracle that is growing inside them.

Please join the conversation: How were you revered during your pregnancies? How did people relate to you differently as a pregnant person?

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